Bringing the bottle to life

Built as an interactive HTML presentation, it can be viewed within any web browser accessed from a unique link. It features subtle animations to help easily explain the meaning behind Kokoro Gin, displaying visually the rich story of what goes into each bottle.

Wheel of flavours

The unique taste of the gin needed to be shown in a visual way to help the consumer to imagine how the gin would taste without necessarily trying it. A visual wheel of flavours was created to break up the ingredients into sections. Colour and animation were used to emphasise the distinct aromas and flavours of the gin.

Interactive timeline

Interactivity drives the document and allows the user to move between sections in an unordered fashion creating a more conversational presentation. Items such as an interactive timeline bring the history of Kokoro Gin to life taking viewers on an adventure across the globe.

Live updating

Built as HTML and hosted within a browser means instead of this being uneditable once sent out to clients it can be updated anytime with the client always having the most up-to-date document no matter when they access it.

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