To get us into the Christmas spirit, we put our heads together (virtually of course!) to rate our favourite adverts, movies – and once the Christmas dinner settles – board games.

For all of us, our Christmas plans will be a bit different this year from years gone by. We hope our Top 3 list will provide you with some festive cheer as we near the holiday period as well at a nostalgic look back at some classic Christmas favourites.

Narrowing our pick down to just 3 was a challenge and it provided some healthy debates during our daily catchups. For instance, would Twister be an acceptable game to play during a socially distanced festive get-together? No surprise that it didn’t make the cut.  

First up: Our top 3 Christmas adverts...

In third place is this historic ad from Sainsbury’s.

This touching recreation of a historic and momentous event has a well-deserved place on our shortlist. From the handshake to the exchange of gifts, it’s a heartwarming ad that we could watch over and over again.

Next up, a Scottish classic, the Irn Bru Snowman.

It’s not Christmas in Scotland until we have all watched this advert. It’s so good they made a sequel – but the original gets our vote.

And in first place, a clear winner. This Polish Christmas advert from Allegro.

If you haven’t seen this one before, please take time to watch. It’ll make you laugh and cry. It’s beautifully put together.

Moving on to movies...

At number three in our list, the Polar Express.

Telling a story with animation – it’s a popular approach with our team! This one has lot’s of good points: from the mysterious and hilarious characters played by Tom Hanks to the adventurous and magical storyline, this favourite really captures our imagination.

Another animated movie? Christmas Carol makes our second place.

This animation makes our shortlist for it’s cinematic and visually breathtaking delivery of this well known classic tale.  Cool, scary and funny, with a host familiar and nostalgic characters, its a real family favourite. 

Remember we mentioned Christmas classics? We can’t help but include this one! In the top spot, Home Alone.

We’ve lost count of the times we’ve watched this film but it never gets boring. As a child, we’ve all marvelled at the idea of being left home alone to cause mischief. Is it a Christmas holiday without watching Home Alone? I think not.

Fun and games...

Lastly, when the dinner is finished and the table cleared away, it’s time to switch the television off and make our own entertainment with some games where everyone can join in. We had some interesting suggestions and it wasn’t easy to choose just our Top 3, but we got there in the end.

Third place is a retro choice: Guess Who?

Most of us have played this so many times that it doesn’t take long to ‘guess who’ but it’s still a nostalgic and funny experience for all ages. It’s simple but lot’s of fun, so it gets our vote.

Fun and games now. In second place: What do you Meme?

Arguably for a more modern audience but when in the right company, this game can reveal some hilarious insights into our friends and families worldview.

Perhaps a surprise edition to the top of the list: Deal or no Deal.

This game has played it’s part in some eventful festive gatherings. Played in teams of 2, this definitely brings a competitive edge to the Christmas table. It’s now a festive tradition.

It’s been nostalgic. Enjoy your festive period with friends and family.

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