Top 3 Incredible Views of Edinburgh

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This is the first of our series of Top 3’s that inspire Team Omnia.

Starting with a city we all know and love, our home Edinburgh. Our office is situated in the heart of this beautiful and charming city which inspires us every day. Here are our top picks of locations in Edinburgh that guarantee incredible views over the dramatic city landscape.

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Using a custom designed presentation template is critical for success

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When you are preparing a company presentation you should consider that the master elements in your document are effectively corporate brand stationery – just for screen use rather than print. By creating a template with well-constructed master pages you can ensure that your content is always framed in a way that is consistent with your brand guidelines.

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Professional Presentation Design

A day in the Studio

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A little glimpse of what makes us tick

We thought it would be fun to make a short video and let you have a look inside our Studio and typical working day. It’s not all shiny workstations, iPads and smart tech, it’s more about people and interaction and there’s a lot more to creating a great presentation or brand than just software.

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